Monday, July 16, 2012

My Picking Fix

Have you ever been in a garage sale slump?  Well I have for about a month now.  It seemed like all that was out there was kids clothes, books, and miscellaneous junk.  Honestly I must have just been hitting the wrong sales because other people I know have been getting great stuff.
I tried Friday and the best thing I came up with was a cute necklace for.50 cents.  I know, I still have projects waiting for me in the shop, but I needed something new to get excited about. So I went out again Saturday and yippee I finally got my picking fix!  I drove all over, back and forth multiple times, looking for a sale that looked great in Craigslist.  It was supposed to be both Friday & Saturday but was closed when I finally figured out where it was.  I hate when they post a sale and then aren't open.  Instead I went to another sale that was in the vicinity.  Once again I drove all over trying to find it, but I think I hit pay dirt once I did.  I got a great touchier lamp that I can't wait to fix up (it works, just needs some cosmetics), and and old oak chair that is beyond it's days but will make a really fun plant stand.  I'll show both of these in future blogs.  I'd only spent $20 and still didn't feel quite satisfied yet so I went to another town (only 20 miles or so away) and started getting into the kids clothes cycle again.  !@$%*   Then I found one that had a sign out front that said "Antique Sale".  To me that usually means expensive, but not this time.  I got a nice fold over table, a wicker coffee table in great shape, and this tennis racquet.  I couldn't pass up the racquet for a buck, plus this is just like one I learned with.  OK, I know I just showed my age, oh well, it's just a number.  My SUV was loaded, but there was another stop on the way home.  At first it didn't look like there was anything I wanted, but while I was walking out I spotted a card table size oak table top.  It didn't have legs or a base but I figure I'll find something soon to go with it, plus when I asked the price she said a buck.  Now who could pass that up.  I've got a couple of pieces ready to go in this week to sell, and new projects to be excited about.  Life is good.

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