Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1st Apron

 Here is the 1st apron of three made from a shirt and a pair of jeans.  This one only uses the shirt front and collar.  Sorry that the instructions are so detailed (I worked in a document control department in a different life).  It seems like a lot of steps, but it really is pretty simple.
Instructions:1.       Cut along the side seams, leaving the finished edge on the front of the shirt.
2.       Cut out the arms.
3.       Cut out the collar right at the seam, leaving the seam intact, starting at the shoulder seam.  This is what your pieces will look like.

4.       Measure even diagonal lines from the collar to the bottom edge of the arm and cut.

5.       Cut apron ties and pockets from contrasting fabric.  I used pieces of a pattern that I had, but you can make your own.  You will need 2 pieces 24” long by 3 ½” wide for the ties, and 4 pocket pieces 7 ½” wide by 7” long.  Round off the bottom of the pockets using a bowl or lid as a template.
6.       Pin your trim ribbon on the right side of each pocket front ¾” from the top and stitch in place on both the top and bottom of the ribbon edge.
 You could just glue the ribbon on, but I think this looks better.
7.       OK, this is where it’s nice to have a lot of bobbins.  For this apron I am using 3 different colors of thread; white for the trim, black for the pockets and tie, red for the body.  Pin the pocket backs and fronts together right side in.  Stitch using ½” seam allowance all around each pocket, leaving about 2” open on one side seam.  Trim back your edges excluding the opening.  Press back the opening to your seam allowance.  Turn the pocket right side out and press.

8.       Fold the tie ends length wise, right side in and stitch 3 sides using the presser foot as your seam allowance.  Snip your corners close to the seams.  Press the seams open, then turn right side out and press. 
9.       Evenly pin your pockets on the front and topstitch in place.  For this shirt I measured them even with the top of the second button from the bottom.
10.   Iron a narrow hem on the edge from the collar to the side seam by folding over the edge about ¼” and then folding it over again ¼”.
11.   Match up the raw end of your ties to the top edge of the side seam and stitch.

12.   Stitch the edge that you ironed, then fold over the side seam, inclosing the tie, and stitch.  Turn it over and topstitch just over the tie to keep it flat.
13.   Cut some ribbon and glue to the top pocket.

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