The Begininig

I live in the styx of North Idaho.  Actually I look out the window and think "I'm in God's country", except in the winter when there is four foot of snow on the ground with predictions for another foot, then the expletives come out.  I've recently joined the ranks of real housewives, not the Mark Jacobs, Manolo's type, more the New Balance, Levi type.  I'm not a twenty something newlywed.  Think more like retired but too young to collect my pension or social security.  I few years ago I tried to change out from the corporate world to one of my passions, cooking.  I got a certificate of culinary arts at the local collage and became a private chef.  That was great for a couple of years, but I guess I just wasn't ready yet to give up the 9 to 5 routine, so I went back to work for a few of years.  There comes a time when you know that it is time to stop collecting a paycheck and start breathing in life.  So with my husbands blessing I took that step a couple of months ago.  I've worked most of the time since I was 14 (which was awhile ago), so I know I will need something to keep me busy.  I've turned in my spreadsheets, blueprints, email (well for work), and voice mail (see previous), for sandpaper, paint, rick-rack, and lace.  I've already finished a few projects which I will post soon, and there will be some great recipes.  Enjoy!

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  1. Looks like we have a lot in common. Many years of 9-5 (or 7 to 7 actually!)and now retired (age 62). We moved to a VERY rural area 12 years ago and I now enjoying working from home and "transforming" vintage furniture.

    Do you have gardens? Chickens? Animals?

    I came over from MMM and stayed to peruse your entire site! Lots of fun stuff!!

    You might enjoy my furniture transformations and visiting my small house under a big sky.

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