Thursday, August 13, 2015

Map Desk and Lamp

I've had a great summer!  My daughter and her family spent most of it with us.  I was so busy that I haven't blogged for months.  It's a little hard to get back into it after this long, but I really wanted to record these pieces.

I had the map and globe for over a year waiting for the right piece to use them on.  I bought the desk for $5 this summer while junking with my daughter.  It was pretty rough but I thought it would work.  The top was horribly gorged so I just turned it over, filled the screw holes and spray painted it a nice aqua blue.  The bottom had stickers all over and was pretty beat up.  I cleaned it up and put a couple coats of fresh white paint on it (already done in this pic).

The lamp had an ugly shade but I knew I wanted to use the top half of an old globe on it.  That was easier said than done.  My husband had to hacksaw the meridian (metal ring) off.  I was afraid he was going to cut his hand off, but eventually he got it.  Then we just split the globe in half, and I painted the inside and rim gold.

Then came the fun part, the decoupage.  I carefully positioned the map to fit the desk top, and get as much of the world on it as I could.  Then with hubby's help I applied the decoupage, carefully placed the map on and gently smoothed it out.

There were some great little maps left over so I put those on the center bottom.  Then my husband cut out small images of South America and Africa for the cubbies.  I think kids will love the little extras.

I really love this piece, I hope it finds a good home soon.

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