Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jewelry Boxes Part Deux

I have been on a jewelry box revamping kick lately.  It's fun because it is somewhere between furniture revamping and crafting.  I wrote about two blue ones last week, here are a couple more.
As you can see the one on the right was in pretty bad shape, but hey it was only $1.  I painted this one red to match the felt.
I used some Spanish Red we had on hand from painting our patio furniture.  I found a small piece of great organza at our local thrift store to cover the glass in the door, then glued it all back together.  Oh yeah, after it was all painted and I was working on the door, the bottom started to fall off.  I guess that's what you get for a buck.  Anyhow, I just glued it all back together and then it was ready for some bling.  I bought some old clip on earrings last summer for a couple of bucks to use on the handles.  I just used some pliers to remove the backs, and then glued them on with some E6000 glue.  Here she is all glitzed up.

 The second one started out as with an old pickled white finish, and pink felt inside.  I knew I wanted to decoupage something on it and played around with different prints for a long time.  Then I found some Wallies I used years ago on a doll cradle for my oldest granddaughter.  I wanted to match the pink pretty close, so I went to Home Depot and picked out Strawberry Cream by Behr and had a sample mixed.  I painted it, stuck the Wallie on, and put a couple of coats of wipe on poly over everything.  Time for some bling!  My sister gave me a shoe box full of broken or mismatched jewelry (what a treasure!), inside I found this great old broach and some pink sequins.  I used the E6000 again to glue the broach on the center mirror and 3 sequins on each knob.  I think the worst thing about revamping jewelry boxes is removing and putting all of the hardware back on.  It is like reassembling 8 pairs of glasses.  Her she is in all her glory.  Sorry about the glare, I don't know how to photograph mirrors..  Someone must have liked her because she sold right away, yea!

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