Monday, November 3, 2014

Mid-Century Beauty

I LOVE mid-century modern furniture.  It doesn't fit in my decorating scheme at home, so that is why I love revamping different pieces to sell.
I found this beauty at our local Hospice thrift store last spring.  I was a little worried that I paid to much to make a profit on it, but after a few mishaps I think it will be a winner.  Right from the start I knew that I would paint the outside cabinet and handles, and just refurbish the drawers.  The outside of it was pretty beat up and needed something.

My original idea was to paint it white.  I sprayed on three coats of primer and I still had yellow bleed through stripes.  Part of the problem is that I don't have down how to adjust my HVLP sprayer yet.  Any suggestions would be really welcome.  Then I found a can of pale, pale grey (almost white) that I had forgotten about, and sprayed two coats of that on.  It still bled through.  I know I could have shellacked it, but I didn't.  Then I rolled on two coats of the pale grey.  I thought that finally worked so I sprayed a top coat of sparurethane, and the stripes came back.  OK, by now I was ready to burn it.  I had just brought in a round table and chairs to Paris Antiques, that I painted a custom mixed dark grey. They sold after only four days, so I was desperate to get this in to fill the space.  Since the dark grey set sold so fast I thought I would try that instead of the pale gray.  Yippee!  The bleed through was finally gone.  I waxed the outside cabinet instead of a urethane, wasn't going to take anymore chances.  Next came the handles...

There are 16 of these puppies.  They are inset cams coated with a fake wood kind of plastic.  I washed them up in the dishwasher, then sprayed them with a hammered copper paint. Sorry about the picture, the drawers are not that red, it's just the lighting.  Wished it showed how gorgeous they really turned out.  So, after all the hassle I hope to 
net about $115 when it sells.  Good thing this is just a hobby that pays for itself.

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  1. love the furniture it turned out beautiful don't you just love thrift stores I can always find craft items for my art journaling thanks for sharing visiting from coastal charm