Sunday, November 9, 2014

Great New Kitchen Chairs

I had the best day yesterday!  I went with my sister, nephew and his wife, to A Very Vintage Whites Christmas Market in Kalispell Montana.  Now this wasn't a little jaunt.  According to Google it was 288 miles, and it took us about 4 hours to get there.  Now if you lived around here you would understand that to most of us, eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana are unofficially one state, so the drive was no big deal.  Well let me back that up a second and give a huge thank you to my nephew Jeff for driving.  The trip itself was a great part of the day, just think of chit-chatting, a little serious discussions, and sharing some religious beliefs for eight hours.  The show was great, there were 104 venders and they all had great stuff.  I saw a lot of things that have been posted on different blogs and pinned on Pinterest, plus many new things.  And then (key the lights and music please) I found these chairs!!!!!

Now I know it may seem a little odd to have four desk chairs in your kitchen, but I like quirky.  I was thinking of buying industrial stools from World Market, but I thinks these are more unique.  We've been without kitchen chairs for about a month because I painted, upholstered and sold them with another table.  I always hated those chairs, that is until I revamped them and sold them.  This is a picture of the old set prior to re-vamping them.

They did have different fabric on them, this is the original, original, but you can see what I mean.  I wish I could capture the color of the new chairs, it is perfect.  It is kind of a washed bluish green with a little of the oak showing through.  

I am so sorry that I can't give a proper shout out to the vender, it was either Imagine or Kim Burgass,.  I was so busy trying to buy these before four other ladies scooped them up that I didn't pay attention to the vender's name, but truly thank you.  As you can tell I don't have the most updated kitchen, so if these wooden rollers mess up the floor it could be a blessing in disguise.

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