Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

"What" you say "is she nuts?  Doesn't she know it is almost Valentine's Day, not Mothers Day?"  No, I haven't lost it yet, as far as I know.  You see, I've been working for the last three weeks on pieces for the Fancy Farm Girl Vintage Market in Moses Lake WA, which takes place the day before Mothers Day.  I've got furniture, vintage pieces, and a few odds and ends like this.

So what do you think this ends up as?  It started as an old cabinet door I got at Habitat for Humanities Restore store, and a couple of Fleur de lis coat hooks which I have a bunch of.

Ta Da!  A cute chalk board/coat rack.  My husband was bored and stenciled on the bird and wrote the Mothers Day note while I was painting some other pieces.

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  1. Love your chalkboard coat rack, turned out really nice! Your husband did a nice job stenciling the bird too (-; Good luck at the Fancy farm girl market. Sounds like a fun place to go v

  2. Felicia, Thanks for stopping by.. I love your work!