Monday, October 21, 2013

Revamped Bookcase for a New Home

My sister and brother-in-law just moved into their brand new house.  It is beautiful and just right for them.  They downsized from a four story home to a rancher, so they needed to also downsize their furniture.  This bookcase caused a little bit of contention.  He said is was a piece of junk (and should just give it to me to revamp & sell), she loved it and new just where it would fit in the new house.  Well you know who won this one, of course.  I held on to it through the summer until she decided how she wanted it refinished.  Her new decor is leaning toward the peacock blue & green tones, and she also has a large brown leather sectional.  She wanted this painted an aqua or teal to go with everything.  I suggested that we leave the gorgeous front pieces and the top stained to tie in with the couch.  I didn't get the before shot, but here is some during pics.

The whole thing was a little crooked, and the front pieces were really warped.  My husband blew it apart and reglued the frame, and weighted down the fronts to try and straighten them out.  He sanded down the top and I refinished it in a dark walnut and finished it with some poly.  I used some Howard's Restore a Finish to the fronts and the trim.  I had gotten a couple of sample jars of paint for her to choose from and she said either would be fine since they were pretty close in color.  I used the lighter one, Deepest Aqua by Glidden, to the frame and shelves but didn't have enough for the back, so I finished the back in Lagoon by Behr.  I think since it is a little darker it gives it just a little more depth.  

I think it is going to look great in their new home.  I should have taken the picture there, but I couldn't wait.

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  1. What a pretty makeover and so creative. Love the turquoise color and how nice to leave some of the stain too. Very pretty. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Looks Great! And I love the color!

  3. This is a fantastic use of color. I love using paint on furniture but it is also great to let the details pop by NOT painting them. So well done!