Friday, October 24, 2014

Chick in Chicagoland

I haven't posted anything for a long time because I spent three weeks in Chicago with these beautiful ladies; my daughter and granddaughters.  They just transferred to Chicago this summer, barely got moved in, and my son-in-law had to leave for training for a month.  It was great to just hang out, shop (a lot!), eat great food and explore new places with my daughter.  Of course there was some junking, and revamping going on too.

The house they are renting is huge, so they are still trying to fill it up.  My daughter came home one morning after taking the girls to the bus, with a little cabinet that a neighbor left out for the garbage.  It worked out great to house all of their TV electronics after she spray painted it white.  Her and her husband found this great bed at goodwill for $9.00.

They thought this would be a good project for me, do they know me or what?  My daughter picked out "picket fence" by Martha Stewart, I chalked it with plaster of paris and started in.  This was the first time I used PoP and I wasn't as happy with it as with my standard baking soda mix.  After a couple coats chalked, then a couple coats regular, this is how it turned out.  They didn't have a bed rail to fit yet, but you get the idea.  We found a similar one at Pottery Barn for a lot more than $20.

The next find was a little odd.  My daughter came home from the school bus stop another day and said that the police had just set out a bunch of furniture at a house down the street that had been foreclosed on.  According to the neighbors, the owners had moved out of state a year ago.  There was a pedestal table and chairs that would fit perfect in her eat-in-kitchen.  We were nervous and unsure if we should take it, but decided it would be OK after talking to another neighbor.  So the next morning we walked the block or so down and carried it all the way back to her house.  This puppy was heavy!!  We were giggling the whole way, we felt like Lucy and Ethel.  

It's getting the same treatment as the bed, and she found some red cushions for the seats.  It will fit perfectly in her kitchen.

Chicagoland (as the natives call it) was great, and I already miss my daughter and her wonderful family.
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