Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Finds

I know this won't be one of my hotter posts.   I rarely view other postings about garage sale finds, but I wanted to show a few people some of the great things I found this weekend, including a birthday present for my youngest granddaughter.
My shed is so full of future furniture projects that I am trying to limit myself to only buying smalls right now.  Do you know how hard that is?  Luckily most of the furniture I found this weekend was out of my price range, so I stuck to my guns and only brought home small pieces.

I love old books and could go nuts and buy too many, but I try to stick to ones that I would want to read.  These were all published way before my time, but were probably in the library when I was a child.  I am going to read all of them before I take them to the store to sell.  The interior of the jewelry box is dark green, so I will probably do an antique emerald paint job on it.

 This silverware chest is going to get a nice revamp similar to what I did last fall on silverware chest to art box .  

 My second best find of the weekend was this old plumber's tool box.  Mason jars fit perfectly in both sides.  Won't it make a great centerpiece when it is full of flower filled jars?

And now for my best find !!!!!!!!  Do you know what it is?
This will be my granddaughter's birthday present next fall.

She is getting an American Girl doll from her mom and dad, and will get this great case from us.  I love the murphy bed and vanity section.  Plus it came with a few extra clothes (isn't the dress adorable?).  This was one of those buys that you could not dicker on the price.  I got it for $20 which is great since they are going for $150 on e-bay, and if I didn't snatch it up right then another lady was going to.

I picked up a few other things that went straight to the store after a good cleaning, and a few things for me (see the brand new orange purse for a buck), so all in all it was a good picking weekend.  Hope you have a great pick next weekend.
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