Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

 Last week I wrote about "The Other Side of Picking".  I was really moved by the estate sale that I helped set up and run this last weekend, and wanted to remind all of us that shop these sales, that our "picks" were once somebody's treasures or memories.
As I said in my post, I usually only link up to a couple parties a week, but I wanted to get my message out there, so I linked up to 13 last week.  I was amazed at the response that I got, it was great, but it also took a lot of time, so I think I will be back to just a couple a week.  The best part of visiting all of these sites was checking out all of the great ideas, and finding new blogs.
Well in addition to working for days setting up for the estate sale, and all weekend working it, my husband took last week off to start to get ready for winter.  Part of that is pulling out all of the flowers in the window boxes and re-doing them for winter.  I have to admit that I can't take credit for the idea for these, my husband actually started decorating them like this years ago.  So off on a nature hunt we went.  We found small saplings that we thought were interesting and just plucked them out of the ground, then we found moss hanging off of trees, I had already gathered the pine cones for some future crafts.  And no, we don't eat a lot of venison, the antlers are all sheds that my nephew found in the woods.  So we planted the trees and arranged everything else, and voila! our winter window boxes, a gift from nature..

    It wouldn't be fall without getting in wood for the winter.  We do have natural gas heat, but primarily use our wood stove in the winter.  There is nothing cozier then wood heat.  My husband sawed the dead trees, and I helped load them up in the trailer and haul them back to our wood shed.  Then the fun part, OK, I know I'm a little goofy, but I love to split wood (with the wood splitter, the big red thing on the side) and stack it.  This pile filled up the shed completely and will keep us warm all winter.
    So, with the estate sale, window boxes, and wood, it has been a busy week.  I hope I can start working on some furniture and other projects this week.

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