Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bonsai in the Styx

This is our version of a Bonsai.  It is a cedar tree that started out as a sapling about 33 years ago.  Back then we were dirt poor and really couldn't afford any kind of landscaping for our new home, so we used what was all around us.  We tried transplanting trillium, lupines, blue spruce, ferns, and cedars.  We moved rocks (still moving rocks),  sawed down trees so we could see the forest thru the trees, planted a lawn and strawberries.  Some things worked and others didn't, but when you are young and poor it is all good.
My husband transplanted this from a sapling he just tore out of the ground. 

Then every year as it grew he would nip the ends until it became a gorgeous big ball.  It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but the bush in the back is this same tree, it was actually about 6ft tall then.  My husband would trim it up every year to keep is round. He also transplanted two more in the same way and trimmed them as a hedge. I loved it, but a few years ago, during a really hard winter, the deer decided it was mighty tasty.  They all but killed it.  So it was either cut it down, or let my husband go at it with the chainsaw and let out his inner artist.  I like it now, although I'll be honest it took awhile.  Seven years later, after his success with the two hedge cedars, he decided to expand the hedge down the full side of the house.  This is what they look like after 26 years.  My husband is really a great looking guy, but this picture is after hours of trimming trees.  By the way, he is 5'7" to give you some perspective of how big these really are.
I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted any furniture revamps, but next week will be a great transformation of an old favorite.  So until then, happy autumn!

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